How to Spot a Fake Degree

There's a difference between paying to get a fake diploma knowing that it's fake (but, in some cases, verifiable) and paying to get a fake diploma thinking that you're getting something that you can legally use to further your career prospects and apply for a job.

The latter can put you in a lot of trouble, especially if you go carelessly using it to apply for jobs thinking that you really did get the necessary certification.

Below are three ways to spot a fake high school diploma or fake college degree from the real thing:

1. It's Being Sold Online

Or, specifically, on online marketplaces.

No real degree is going to be sold online or on sites like Ebay. If it is, it's likely going to be a fake. So, don't even bother buying them.

2. You Can't Find Where the University Is

It's very easy to create a fake university these days. If you've got the money to pay for a legitimate-looking website URL (which doesn't cost a lot) and the skills to put up the necessary graphics (which doesn't really take a rocket scientist to do), then you probably could make money fooling people into thinking that you can offer them a chance to get an actual degree for a small price.

Usually, fake universities have names that sound believable. It can even look exactly like that of a real university, except for a few changes (Harvarb instead of Harvard, for example).

One way to check if it is a fake degree or not is if the institution is not real. You can check Google Maps. You can also ask help from government agencies concerned with higher education in your country to see if the university really does exist or not. Most will be glad to help you out.

3. There's No Actual Studying Required

A lot of online courses these days offer students a chance to fast track their way to a degree, but never do the legitimate ones promise a degree without really doing any work.

If a "university" is offering you a high school diploma, or a bachelor's degree without requiring you to do anything other than to pay for it, then it's 100% a scam.

Getting a Genuinely Fake Degree

When we say "genuinely" fake, we mean that they're truly fake. They don't claim to be real or authentic. They look authentic and as close to the real thing as they can get, but they're not meant to be used in place of the real thing. Rather, genuinely fake high school diplomas and fake college degrees are often used for gags and fun, as a prank of sorts, just to get a laugh or two out of a relative or friend.

You can also use a fake degree to inspire yourself while you're working your way towards a real one. This way, as you're taking online classes to get a legitimate college degree, you've got something to look forward to as you hang the fake degree on the wall in place for the real one for the meantime.

How Easy Is It To Use a Fake Diploma To Apply for a Job?

You know, it's hard not to wonder, with so many applications they have to sift through every day, do employers really have the time to background check each one and verify if they're using a fake diploma or fake college degree when applying for a job? Seriously. Larger companies might be more willing to do it, but how about small businesses? And, what happens if you do get accepted? Does your fake credentials come up once you have a job? If so, how long does it take for employers to catch on?

These are all legitimate questions.

Sometimes, just out of a whim, born out of curiosity. Other times, it's because of necessity, as when you have no fake high school diploma to use and are all but forced to lie on your resume and make your credentials look better just to get a job.

It's Very Easy To Use a Fake Diploma When Applying

To answer the question, it is amazingly easy to use a fake high school diploma or degree when applying for a job. Remember, you're the one writing your resume and CV. Everything you put in there doesn't require any 3rd party verification. You can basically put in a dozen diplomas and degrees there and most employers probably wouldn't care. That is YOUR resume and you have every right to put in what you think belongs there.

Having said that, the better question would be, "is it possible to get a job using a fake diploma?"

And the answer is yes, but with a lot of caveats.

If you made your resume well enough, there's a huge chance that it will pass the preliminary screening. You might even be bought in for an interview. If they like you, you'll be put in a final list of candidates. Now, if you faked your credentials, you're in big trouble, especially if you're applying for higher positions. 3rd-party background checks have become increasingly common now that both large and small companies know just how many people try to fake their way into getting a good and high-paying job.

If they find out you faked your credentials, then you're in big trouble. While most companies won't bother calling the authorities, they will most likely out you to the market. This means that you'll basically be blacklisted by every company in that industry.

If, on the other hand, you're lucky enough that the company didn't do any exhaustive background search and you got the job, you're not in the clear just yet. You'll get caught, eventually. It may not be today, or in a year, or in a decade, but it will happen, and once it does, your career is pretty much over.

Faking Credentials Is Almost Always Never Worth It

The opportunity cost of trying to fake credentials, especially in a job application, is so horrible that it's not even worth trying. If you really are as good at your job as you say you are, you'll find a way to showcase it without lying and you'll find a company willing to hire you whether or not you have the necessary qualifications or not.

The worst thing about NOT lying is that it will take a lot longer for you to get the kind of job or get into the industry that you want. However, the upside is immense. For one, you don't have anything to hide. They could do all of the background check they want and they probably won't find a speck of proverbial dirt on your resume. You're clean, or so to speak, and so long as you do your job well, your career is as good as secured already.

Put simply, faking credentials is never worth it. But, if you do have to fake a diploma, do use it as an inspiration -- hang it up on your wall and look at it every day until you can finally replace it with someone real.

Fake Diploma Downfalls

Having a fake diploma is like having a fake tetanus shot, it doesn't really work. While it may look like the real thing, if someone goes to research it, it will be revealed that the diploma is fake and you'll likely lose your job or worse, be charged with fraud.

It's fine for a gag or for fun but to actually attempt to use such an item is actually illegal and can put you out of a job and in jail depending upon the company.

If your job requires a high school diploma, it may be willing to accept a GED in lieu of the diploma. If not, then you're going to have to go elsewhere for a job.

There are many great jobs out there that will actually put you through school so if you don't have a high school diploma, and want one y ou could take advantage of that as well.

If you're struggling you can also get a tutor to assist you in your studies. A high school diploma will open many doors for you when it comes to a job. You don't have to stay in a dead end job just because you didn't finish high school.

The truth is, there are a lot of great adult programs out there that can assist you in your endeavor to get a diploma.

Don't go the fake route, that just shows that you aren't to be trusted and that you aren't coping with reality. You want to be trustworthy in your job and you want to be seen as someone that they can rely upon.

Be honest and upfront when you go to any job interview. If you don't have your diploma, be honest. If you're working on it, be sure that you tell them that as well.

A diploma is the only way that you can be hired for many jobs. Take the time to find out what is required for a job interview and do your homework. If you really want the job, be sure to find out what it will take to get it and follow through.

Diploma's are important documents that should be carefully guarded. A fake diploma will only hold you back and you'll wind up losing out in the long run. You'll be overlooked for job promotions and you'll find that you aren't always the first candidate that they look at.